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Discover the benefits of pursuing your studies in the beautiful and vibrant country of the Philippines.

      In the growing ecosystem of education, there are different levels of education. Erroneously most people think that a good education means shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars especially for prized degrees like medicine.  While in some cases that is true, the reality is that most colleges prepare students for their professional life and most students have limited financial resources.  Because medicine deals with the human condition, most colleges were initiated as state-sponsored programs with little or no tuition fees.  Unlike the West, most nations have medical programs that are still accessible even though certain fees are imposed on international students. 

    The Philippines is a stable, independent democratic nation that has the third largest English-speaking population as well as over 2800 universities.   Founded in the 15th century, Philippine universities currently follow an American system which is highly coveted for its close support of students throughout the academic year and robust course outlines that adapt to technology quickly and adopt new scientific principles with ease.  This is advantageous for people seeking a Western education at a reasonable cost. 

    While the Philippines is popular for health studies like medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and nursing, the vast array of courses offered will satisfy any desire.  Our experience with the Philippines has shown the ease of accessing desired courses, excellent education resources, and continuous support for returning graduates (i.e. transcripts, authentication, etc.)  

    The position of the Philippines as a major international shipping, logistics, business and retail hub adds to the general vibrancy of its cities and the multitude of its cultural flavors.  Therefore, the experience of a student in the Philippines is highly enriched making the Philippines a valuable long-term investment that leads to a successful career and wide network of contacts as well as lifelong support.  

    Currently the Philippines hosts thousands of foreign students who are well catered for and welcomed in the community.  The Filipinos’ emphasis on hospitality evident on all levels of society.


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