About Syllabi Educational Consultancy

Founded in 2021, Syllabi Educational Consultancy is a registered business located Grand Blanc Michigan USA that provides a variety of education services including solutions, marketing, and development. The main aim of the company is to improve accessibility to education resources throughout the Africa and Middle East region. Our client centered approach seeks to provide applicants with solutions that address their life goals. To that end, Syllabi has been successful in diversifying its resources and experience in order to cater to individual as well as community needs. At Syllabi Consultancy we seek to ensure our clients are prepared for the long term, thus we are always growing and developing to accommodate the trends in generation and work ecosystem.

" Over the past few decades we have seen exponential growth and change in Africa, and we believe it can only be sustained by increasing accessibility to education.” says Gasim Ali Founder


Integrity : Our combined experience of 50 years gives us the insight needed to appreciate the learner’s needs and concerns, as well as build solid, trusting relationships.  

Humility : We understand that an organization is only as effective as its ability to adapt and develop.  Our greatest learning experience comes from our clients, who are at the heart of our activities.  By placing them at the center of our programs, we are able to remain relevant and successful.  

Cooperation : Our success is dependent on our ability to develop lasting relationships with entities that seek social justice through improving accessibility to education.  These relationships give us the dexterity needed to deal with clients from around the world. They also invigorate our efforts and promote our innovation.  

Innovation : We appreciate that change is a necessary part of our ecosystem and collectively we manage it with our client. We are determined to look at our stakeholder’s concerns with an inclusive as well as global perspective.  

Leadership : We seek to become leaders in the field by providing custom solutions for each of our clients and then supporting them towards their goals. Our solutions are meant to deal with the complete spectrum of learning and development thus enhancing our clients’ access to learning solutions and programs, as well as adaptability through lifelong learning, which we believe is crucial to address future needs. 


Students :  Syllabi Educational Consultancy seeks to support students and professionals along their chosen career pathway by understanding their needs and their vision and ensuring they have access to the right tools and skills that will support their journey.   

Professionals : Whether working in a hospital or elsewhere, organizations today are dynamic and as such we are expected to embrace the culture of lifelong learning.  At Syllabi Educational Consultancy, we recognize the importance of providing graduates and working individuals with resources in continuing education that will support their career and enhance their employability.  From online university modules to medical and health training and resources for professional licensing, we make sure to stay current and relevant. 

Institutions : Syllabi Educational Consultancy seeks to join initiatives in the region that share our values of enhanced access to learning and development. We work with education providers, research institutes, business entities, non-governmental organizations, and others to enhance the experience of education.  Our individualized approach and personalized learning pathways make it imperative that we broaden our scope of collaborations and as such we actively seek partnerships in this regard.

What Make Us Spcecial ?