Syllabi Educational Consultancy Affiliations & Partnerships / Collaborations

Syllabi partners with education providers and organizations to enhance accessibility and promote innovation for education and professionals.

In addition to our personal consulting services, Syllabi has formed several collaborations that aim to improve accessibility to education services in the region and complement established curricula.  These include several education providers like Rehab Essentials, TopUp Learning, European University, and Global Education Consultants.  We have also reached out to professional organizations in the fields of consultancy and education.   

We believe in Africa’s young hopefuls who seek to ascribe to learning and development programs throughout the world.  Our partnerships and affiliations have been geared towards introducing prospective students and professionals to tools that assist them in their quest for a stable and successful career.  We believe that embracing and implementing new learning theories, technology, and encouraging innovation are the pathways towards sustainable growth and development.  We also recognize that the continent’s future lies in greater regional and global involvement as such we are constructing proper forums for education and seeking greater collaboration from public and private entities.