Over the past few decades, China has opened up tremendously and this includes its universities. Currently China provides over 50,000 scholarships to international students. The most common type of scholarship are government scholarships provided through the Chinese scholarship council (CSC). Register here. However there are limited MBA and MBBS scholarships. For a step by step process, check the China Admissions blog here.

If you are interested in China, visit the Confucius Institute in your country. They provide scholarships and may assist you with your Chinese proficiency as most programs are taught in Chinese. We also advise visiting the website of your local Chinese Embassy to inquire about the Scholarship Council Type A program which are handled at embassy level.

If your program of interest is taught in English, a TOEFL or IELTS result is also required. Chinese universities are known to be interested in excellent academic performance however other accomplishments and abilities should clearly be indicated on the application.

There are other types of scholarships in China, including university scholarships and private scholarships. The China Admissions BlogSpot can provide you with all the information you need.


Taiwan is a democratic island nation located off the coast of China. Over the years it has become well known for its research and technology. This makes Taiwan an education powerhouse and studying there can be a rewarding experience. Scholarships are available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Science and Technology. Applications are online and pretty straightforward; once you logon to the main website head to the “Relevant Scholarship Information” in the Apply menu, or click here. Language of instruction in Taiwan varies but as long as there is no community program at the college, it will most likely be available in English. Click here for access to the Ministry of Education’s page on scholarships.


Over the past few decades Korea has grown into a nation associated with technology and efficiency. Korean universities are amongst the world’s finest, and studying there is an experience that many have recommended. One of the first requirements is to develop proficiency in the Korean language. And while your program may be in English (e.g. masters), this step is seen as an important step towards understanding Korean culture. Scholarships are available through the government and universities. We advise a visit to your local Korean embassy for information on specific scholarships that are available in your country. You may also choose to visit the official government websites or APPLY HERE.


Japan has one of the world’s strongest education systems, and its Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology provides a fully funded scholarship called the MEXT. It is important to note that knowledge of Japanese language and IELTS are not mandatory for this scholarship. The application procedures are similar to most applications with a submission of the required documentation. You should visit your local Japanese embassy for more information about the application process and cycle. Check this link for Japanese embassy address. You may also visit the website scholarshiproar for more information. 


If you are interested in a well funded scholarship to study your PhD, the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship program may be a great opportunity. This fellowship is available for those pursuing Science, Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business studies. Visit theirlink here.


Through the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, the government of India provides a few thousand scholarships for international students. These scholarships cover tuition and living expenses, and candidates will be required to fill up an online application form as well as visit the local Indian Embassy. Visit their website here to begin your process


Sitting at the southern tip of the Malaya Peninsula is the state of Singapore. It is a beacon of success in the region and major international destination for tourism, business and students. For many international students, Singapore is a dream destination, but it is a bit pricy for most. But with the high standards of education at its universities, which are constantly placing very high on global ratings, it can be a great challenge and opportunity to obtain one of the scholarships on offer. Check some of the following: 

For other scholarship opportunities in Singapore, visit the following website