Scholarship Support

Every year thousands of scholarships are handed out globally.  Most of these scholarships are competitive and for some high school graduates and postgraduate applicants, the opportunity to get a partial or full scholarship is possible.  Because of the variety of scholarships, Syllabi ® has produced its Scholarships page which we provide openly on our website.   

The prospect of getting a scholarship is usually offset by the complexity of the application.  While it only makes sense to apply for a scholarship first and gauge one’s chances, the narrow window of application and requirements contribute to many faltering to make this move.   

Getting a scholarship produces drastic changes to an applicant’s perspective regarding their career, and for anyone who has received a scholarship it has definitely opened doors.  Syllabi ® regularly counsels its applicants on scholarships, carries out searches, and assists with the application process.  We also alert our applicants to local scholarship opportunities at their institution of choice.  

We continue searching for solutions to common problems in Africa and the Middle East especially issues that hinder the accessibility of incredibly gifted students to education.  And while we currently have to respect our revenue streams, we continue to provide free support to our scholars and researchers through our online presence as well as our community outreach programs.