Grants, Funding, and Awards

This page contains links to several organizations, foundations, universities, charities, and directories that you can use to find funding for your research project or business or invention.

The Global Fund seeks to accelerate an end to AIDS, TB, and malaria. It partners with local governments, civil society, technical agencies, private sector and those affected by the diseases. Its programs are run by local experts in 100 countries.

The World Academy of Sciences (UNESCO) supports scientists and graduate students from developing nations with laboratory equipment and consumable supplies. They carry out two types of calls: one for groups and one for individuals

Gordon Memorial Trust Fund was formed over a hundred years ago and promotes education in Sudan and South Sudan by providing small grants to individuals and organizations. 

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is an independent, non-profit organization that is largely funded by the US congress. It is dedicated to strengthening democratic institutions globally. They provide a forum for intellectual exchange, with over 2000 grants to NGOs involved in democratic pursuit.

The Fulbright Scholar program is a program for US and non-US scholars to train in the US or globally. Funded by the US government there are hundreds of positions and research grants at US universities.

Wellcome Grant is an initiative to support and build relationships within LMIC. The group awards grants to researchers from LMIC. 

UKRI is a UK based institute that awards research grants as well as training and fellowship opportunities for innovative research in economics and social sciences. 

The British Academy is the UK’s academy for humanities and social sciences and it seeks to provide a forum where relevant topics can be discussed amongst different groups in society thereby creating greater insight. They provide several fellowships and research grants that you can learn more about by visiting their site. 

National Institutes of Health (USA) is the largest funder of health research in the US with funding for health and medical research that seeks to tackle and explain medical phenomenon. 

National Institute of Health Research (UK) is the British equivalent of the US version, with a similar purpose. 

National Institute for Healthcare Management (NIHCM) seeks to promote understanding of the problems and issues of the healthcare industry that should be taken into consideration by management to ensure quality services, access, and sustainability. 

Health and Human Services (US) is the largest granting agency in the US. Grants are awarded to people and organizations though the community or tribe. Their site is also a great source to learn how to proceed with the grant process and avoid grant scams. 

Erasmus Funding is part of the EU research community. Their site provides a lot of information on grants being awarded for research at laboratories and universities across Europe and partner institutions. 

EURAXESS is a portal supported by the EU that gives researchers access to services and grants.

European Commission provides annual grants for African and European researchers to find innovative solutions to problems related to sustainable development goals. 

Centre de recherches pour le de’veloppment international (Canada) The international research development center offers funding, grants, and awards to researchers and institutions to find solutions to global problems. 

The Royal Society is an independent research society in the UK that provides fellowships and grants to international and UK based researchers. 

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council is supported by the Canadian government and seeks to improve leadership and skills in research in the humanities and social sciences. 

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada is funded a government funded project with an emphasis on research in the natural sciences and engineering. 

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada) is a federal funding agency that supports research and training for research in social sciences and humanities. 

The Foundation for Physical Therapy Research seeks to contribute to evidence based physical therapy practice by awarding grants, fellowships, and scholarships for students and professionals. 

Funds for NGO’s is a platform that highlights available funding and resources for NGOs in fields like sustainability, the environment, capacity building and others. The funding comes from a variety of organizations like the UN and the site provides advice on grant proposal writing as well as sharing application dates.

National Medical Research Council of Singapore is supported by the department of health and funds research in health and medicine as well as undertaking talent development in health research. 

The Biochemical Society provides awards and grants to improve access and understanding of biochemistry. Their grants can go towards research, attending scientific conference and sponsoring events.

Human Frontier Science Program seeks collaboration in research to study biological organisms. Through this program students can access funding for postdoctoral studies, research grants, and other forms of scholarships. 

African Studies Association  has accumulated many fellowships and grants for Africans looking to undertake studies and research in US programs and other international opportunities. 

Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) is the international arm of the Swedish government. Calls for awards and grants can be found on their website in a variety of research areas. 

Swedish Research Council is a Swedish institute that seeks to build partnerships and develop the skills of researchers. They also provide grants for research projects. 

Middle East Studies Association supports educational advocacy as well as understanding of the Middle East region. As part of its projects, it also provides grants for research in the field and opportunities for fellowships and training. 

Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa awards several fellowships and scholarships in the field of social sciences, humanities, and higher education.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation seeks to address racial disparities and harmonize society by encouraging historical and social justice.

United States Institute of Peace awards grants to researchers and practitioner projects with objectives are aligned with the US government, mainly in strengthening democratic transition, strengthening rule of law, and improving relationships between ethnic minorities. 

Research Funding in Austria gives visitors an idea of the investment aspect related to research as well as a listing of research institutes that may have funding and training opportunities. 

Austrian Database for Scholarships and Research Grants is a portal that provides visitors with an idea of the types of research grants that are available at universities and educational institutes across Austria. 

Ford Foundation provides support for a number of organizations to carry out their own fellowship programs but also offers several fellowships which are meant to nurture leaders throughout the world.

Robert Bosch Stiftung awards funding for collaboration on projects that support education, health, and global issues.

Antenna Foundation is engaged in scientific research and the dissemination of basic needs to the most disadvantaged globally. (database and advice on research funding) is a resource for finding funding from a variety of foundations and organizations. 

University Malaysia Pahang provides information on its website about grants for researchers from the university. 

University of Newcastle (Australia) provides grants for international collaborations in a variety of academic disciplines. 

Royal Academy of Engineering

University of Southern Florida: International Funding Resources provides a list of funding resources for researchers in a variety of academic fields. 

Estonian Research Grant is supported by the Estonian government and promotes research excellence. 

Afterschool Africa is a forum that highlights opportunities for Africans in the form of scholarships, fellowships, and grants. 

ISDA Foundation (Infectious Disease) awards fellowships and grants for those interested in infectious disease. 

Jesse’s Journey (Duchenne) is a fund that seeks to further our knowledge of Duchenne’s disease/dystrophy. 

Structural Transformation and Economic Growth provides funding for research into broad structural transformations and growth for LMIC.

University of Nevada, Reno site contains a database for several art and social science fellowships and grants provided by different agencies and organizations. 

University of Johannesburg provides funding to enhance mobility of staff and promote collaborations with partners globally. Many of its partners are in Europe. Some of the common themes are related to physical sciences and the environment. However, these are constantly changing. Check for eligibility. 

Cape Peninsula University of Technology provides several bursaries for postgraduate students taking up a master’s or PhD. 

Global Changemakers is an organization that promotes and supports young people in their quest to discover solutions to their challenges. The organization helps them develop their skills and develop their abilities to create their solutions. It promotes building networks and training. 

Mattapally Technologies is an Indian outfit that seeks to improve the human condition. Their website provides direction to international fellowship, postdoc, and grant opportunities. 

National Medical Research Council (Singapore) overseas development of the medical field in Singapore. As part of their contribution they provide research grants as well as development programs that include several awards and fellowships.

The Royal Society is an independent research society in the UK that provides fellowships and grants to international and UK based researchers.

Taiwan Government Fellowships and Research Grants are a unique opportunity to get involved in cutting edge research in Taiwan. Perhaps known for its technology and medical sciences, Taiwanese universities are open to international students and these programs are a gateway to taking part in advanced educational opportunities. Knowledge of English is mandatory and for some programs Taiwanese may be requested. 

Machakos University publishes several international fellowships on its pages. It also provides research grants and development opportunities. Much of it is geared towards sustainable goals and leadership. 

ICBGE Fellowships and Grants are available for scientists performing research into biotechnology and genetic engineering. The website has several calls every year. 

LifeArc is a charity that seeks to work with researchers by supporting their work and assisting with funding. The main focus of their effort is on biotechnology and medical/health research. 

ISDA Foundation (Infectious Disease) awards fellowships and grants for those interested in infectious disease. 

University of Nevada, Reno site contains a database for several art and social science fellowships and grants provided by different agencies and organizations. 

John Templeton Foundation is inspired by its namesake and provides an opportunity for funding related to research costs. Applications are available online.

Asia Europe Foundation focuses on improving cultural exchange between Asia and Europe. It sponsors many activities to promote its goal such as residencies and grants. 

The Getty Foundation works towards greater understanding and preservation of the visual arts in Los Angeles and the world. The foundation awards grants as well as fellowships to motivated applicants who can contribute to the objective of the foundation. 

University of Maine funding for the arts. 

National Endowment for the Arts supports projects throughout the US that seek to promote arts in communities. It promotes many activities including international exchange and grants for certain projects. 

New York Foundation for the Arts

National Endowment for the Humanities is a fund promoting greater understanding and promoting the humanities. 

Creative Capital encourage and support artists through programs that showcase their creations. 

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation provides support and funding to artists, institutions to promote music and the arts. 

National Science Foundation is a scientific forum for research into the physical and biological sciences. 

Institute of Museum and Library Services (US) is a federal institute that provides support for libraries and museums. 

Foundation for Contemporary Arts supports young artists in developing their careers and artistic styles. 

The Awesome Foundation provides small grants to people with a great idea. They are present in 13 countries. 

QuoArtis, Art and Science Foundation is an organization that seeks to develop connections between art, science and technology by providing a bridge between professionals and experts in the field. 

Prince Claus Award has several domains ranging from seed money to art grants. 

Emma O’Kane Bursary is a new award for artists who wish to think beyond the boundaries of their art form and practice dance and physical language in their work. 

Orange MEA Seed Challenge is an opportunity to support entrepreneurs from Africa and the Middle East to launch and develop their technology business and scale to the market. provides a list of available postdoc positions, fellowships, funding, and summer internships in engineering. 

L’air Arts is a directory for international funding opportunities and grants. 

International Grant Watch is a directory for grants located worldwide. 

Freedom with Writing is a database filled with opportunities for writers ranging from grants of varying amounts to fellowships and residencies at established educational institutes and universities. 

Terra Viva Grants Directory provides information about grants and funding through its worldwide directory. 

Materials research society has a platform that advertises scholarships, grants and awards around the world. 

Resartis gives visitors a chance to browse several of its scholarships and grants that are mostly related to promoting cultural exchange, freedom, the environment and arts. 

Culture EU – Eastern Partnership seeks to further the relationship amongst eastern European countries and invites those with ideas to share them and receive funding for implementation.