Coaching & Mentoring

Moving from highschool to university is a big step.  Universities are very different from schools, and initially it can be overwhelming, especially for international students.  At Syllabi ® we believe that every individual is unique and may require a forum to work on their challenges and build on their strengths.   Our experienced professionals work with students to help them get organized and focused.   In effect it is a continuation of the conversation that began upon filling out our application form and meeting our team.   We attempt to guide our clients on ways to ease their transition and overcome any adversity.  Our coaches develop the student’s decision making abilities, scheduling and planning, cultural adaptation, and even nutrition and health; while our mentors work on academic and career issues.  

Our mentors and coaches are a global unit and we include professionals from all over the world.  While we focus on the first year, i.e. foundation year, it is the applicant’s prerogative whether they choose to have a mentor or coach beyond the first year at university.