Travel & Accomodation

Our team at Syllabi ® understands that starting your undergraduate or post graduate studies is exciting for most, and it can be a wonderful experience provided you adjust sufficiently to your new environment.     

Before leaving and as part of our success plan, Syllabi ® will review some fundamentals such as travel plans, accommodation, transportation, and communication.  We make sure the flight schedule allows the student to arrive before the beginning of classes.  This allows a short adjustment phase and gives the student time to visit the university and make contact.   

Well before the travel date, Syllabi ® and the applicant will address the issue of accommodation.  For many choosing the right accommodation is directly related to ease of access to important facilities at the university, essential shopping, entertainment and sports.  We believe that a healthy atmosphere should be a good balance that encourages scholastic achievement as well as pursuit of activities that build a person’s resilience.   

Upon arrival at the destination, we arrange for a pick-up from the airport and transport to the accommodation.  We also provide a SIM card, so they have instant access to the internet and phone calls.  For some, a tour of the city may be something to wake up to after sleeping off the jet lag and that can also be arranged for our first timers.  We do our best to make sure our learners are either on campus or a maximum 20 minutes away from their classroom.  For some destinations, the team will provide an induction session and we make sure that a safety and security briefing is attended by all prospective students.