The British Academy is the UK’s academy for humanities and social sciences and it seeks to provide a forum where relevant topics can be discussed amongst different groups in society thereby creating greater insight. They provide several fellowships and research grants that you can learn more about by visiting their site. 

The Royal Society is an independent research society in the UK that provides fellowships and grants to international and UK based researchers. 

DAAD Scholarships is a German funded program that provides thousands of opportunities for students from all over the globe to undertake their studies in Germany. 

DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships is a research implemented by the German Aerospace Center and German Academic Exchange Service. This program is ideal for doctoral or postdoctoral or researchers from all over the globe who would like to collaborate on projects in the field of aeronautics, space, transportation and energy.

Erasmus+  allows students from certain countries and universities to organize part of their education at partnering universities throughout the EU. The experience of studying for a period of 3 mos. – 1 year in another institution can provide an enriching experience. Visit the Erasmus+ website to check for available programs, application details, and legible countries.

The Erasmus Mundus Joint master’s degrees (EMJMD) program is a large European initiative that has a consortium of universities jointly delivering master’s degree studies. Interestingly, the collaborating universities need not be in Europe with many partnering with universities in other regions. Requirements include recent studies and English proficiency. There are no age restrictions and the EU’s law encourages diversity and inclusive practices as well as adult education. The variety of available programs requires careful study and analysis in order to ensure that the program is suitable. Support from your organization or university may be a great starting point and can create clarity about expectations and direction. Each consortium has a link to the project/program that is available on the EMJMD’s catalogue, thus applications are made directly to the consortium on their portal and you may expect some fees. Start your application here

South African- German Centre for Development Research provides scholarships for students from Sub Saharan Africa who are pursuing a master’s in public administration, MA in Development Studies as well as PhD studies and fellowships. The studies are to be undertaken at the University of Western Cape in South Africa or Ruhr University in Germany. They cover most costs incurred. For more information, visit their website here

The Federation of European Biochemical Societies provides short term and long term fellowships for PhD holders in the discipline. They also provide funding for laboratory consumables. For more information visit their site

The Afrika Kommt Fellowship and Internship Program is the flagship program of German industry that strives to provide Africans with the forum to develop their leadership, strategy and management skills. It is a fully funded program that awards training and education to support the transformation taking place in Africa and help develop the leadership capabilities of its professionals. It is open to graduates from a variety of backgrounds and applications are accepted between February and March.

Moe Ibrahim – Chatham House Fellowship is open to citizens of Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierre Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is a 10-month fellowship that focuses on leadership and international affairs.

Gordon N. Fisher/JHR Journalism Fellowship at Massey College in Toronto is an opportunity for journalists from Sub Saharan Africa and the Middle East to participate in the William Southam Journalism Fellowship at the college. 

Rochester Institute of Technology provides several international fellowships and scholarships for students who are undergraduates and post-graduates. The postgraduate fellowships are DAAD sponsored and Fulbright Fellowships.

Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program is a scholarship fellowship program for educational programs at African higher education institutions.

FULLBRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP This US program provides thousands of fellowships for US and international professionals. Activities range from lecturing and research to conducting projects in over 135 countries in the world.

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program  is a US program to enhance leadership among international professionals by providing a forum to discuss and address local and global challenges as well as foster change for the collective good.

Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program for economists from developing countries to participate in policy research at the World Bank’s Development Economics Vice Presidency in Washington. 

National Institutes of Health (US) This is the US’s premiere medical research institution and provides grants for research as well as training and fellowships which are announced on their website. 

National Institute for Health Research (UK) This UK body provides grants and training and development for healthcare researchers. 

Middle East Studies Association supports educational advocacy as well as understanding of the Middle East region. As part of its projects, it also provides grants for research in the field and opportunities for fellowships and training. 

UNESCO FELLOWSHIPS are an opportunity to improve the professional ability of member states in fields related to UNESCO activities. Several fellowships are available related to engineering and archeology among others. 

Hertog Fellowships in Politics and Foreign Affairs is a competitive and highly selective education program for those interested in US politics. Its programs cover three main areas: Political Thought and Philosophy, War and Foreign Affairs, and Economics and Domestic Policy. 

WARA Residency Fellowship is an opportunity created by the US State Department that allows WARA member institutions to host West African scholars for periods of 4-8 weeks. The purpose is to give them access to library research, guest lecture, and collaborate with American counterparts.

UN-NIPPON Fellowship provides training on maritime laws to government officials and other mid-level officials from developing countries. The program has a duration of 9 months.

Walter Sisulu Postgraduate Fellowship are awarded by the research directorate of this South African universities. Research is geared towards risk and vulnerability of communities, environmental issues, medical pathology and microbiology, and science and innovation in the automobile sector. 

The Foundation for Physical Therapy Research seeks to contribute to evidence based physical therapy practice by awarding grants, fellowships, and scholarships for students and professionals. 

Ford Foundation provides support for a number of organizations to carry out their own fellowship programs but also offers several fellowships which are meant to nurture leaders throughout the world.

Taiwan Government Fellowships and Research Grants are a unique opportunity to get involved in cutting edge research in Taiwan. Perhaps known for its technology and medical sciences, Taiwanese universities are open to international students and these programs are a gateway to taking part in advanced educational opportunities. Knowledge of English is mandatory and for some programs Taiwanese may be requested. 

National Medical Research Council (Singapore) overseas development of the medical field in Singapore. As part of their contribution they provide research grants as well as development programs that include several awards and fellowships.

The Clark Art Institute Fellowships (US) are awarded to promising scholars who are able to undertake critical inquiry into the history, theory, and interpretation of arts and visual culture. There is an interest in fostering diverse engagements and addressing underrepresentation and inequality in the arts. The institute is located in Massachusetts. 

CyberGirls and through its CyberSafe Foundation provides a 1 yr. fellowship for women who are interested in Cybersecurity. They should be residents of Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, and South Africa.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships is a Canadian program financed by its Institutes of Health Research and seeks to attract postdoctoral fellows in health, natural science, engineering, social sciences & humanities. The program accepts 70 research fellows per year and applications can be both national and international. 

American University of Cairo offers several fellowships including a PhD Fellowship in Sciences and Engineering as well as several master’s fellowships in a variety of academic disciplines including the arts, social sciences, computer science, economics, business, finance, journalism, public health and others. 

The McDonnel Fellowships is a program by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation that allows early career multiple sclerosis researchers in low- and middle-income countries to receive funding for research at universities outside their countries. A small contribution is also made to the host institute.

The Institute of International Education is an independent non-profit organization that seeks to provide fellowships for scholars who are facing persecution. The program is called the Scholar Rescue Fund. The criteria include professors, researchers, and public intellectuals from any country. The scholarship is open year round, and appointments are good for one to two years.

Rotary Peace Fellowships are awarded to over 100 individuals who are interested in peace and conflict resolution studies. The applicant has the choice to choose between a master’s degree or postgraduate certificate. Studies take place at one of their centers: Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, International Christian University, University of Bradford, University of Queensland, Uppsala University, Chulalongkorn University (certificate program), and Makerere University(certificate program)

Postgraduate Studentships Updated links and news from universities on studentships available to postgraduate students interested in studying in the UK. Also has links to research funding opportunities. 

African Studies Association  has accumulated many fellowships and grants for Africans looking to undertake studies and research in US programs and other international opportunities. 

Machakos University publishes several international fellowships on its pages. It also provides research grants and development opportunities. Much of it is geared towards sustainable goals and leadership. 

The Africa Talent Programme at Wageningen University is an opportunity for to complete a PhD or post doc at a Dutch university. The university initiated this program to attract talented African researchers. The procedures are clearly explained on their website.

University of Minnesota provides a fellowship on development and policy.

The OWSD PhD Fellowship is available for women from science and technology lagging countries who wish to pursue a PhD in a developing nation. It is funded by the Swedish international Development Agency (SIDA).

Meta’s PhD Fellowship Program is designed for those working on research related to computers and computer technology. The candidate could potentially receive funding for up to two years of PhD studies, and they could be studying anywhere in the world.

Open Society Foundations Fellowship Program is an initiative began by George Soros that provides fellowships in one of its fields of advocacy such as human rights, democracy, and others.

ICBGE Fellowships and Grants are available for scientists performing research into biotechnology and genetic engineering. The website has several calls every year. Applicants are placed in research units in Italy, India or South Africa.

IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program is for mathematicians wishing to take up a fellowship program leading up to a PhD.

Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa awards several fellowships and scholarships in the field of social sciences, humanities, and higher education.

Human Frontier Science Program seeks collaboration in research to study biological organisms. Through this program students can access funding for postdoctoral studies, research grants, and other forms of scholarships. 

The World Academy of Sciences (UNESCO) supports scientists and graduate students from developing nations with laboratory equipment and consumable supplies. They carry out two types of calls: one for groups and one for individuals

The ACI Foundation was founded by the American Concrete Institute as a way to improve research and academic activities related to the concrete industry. There are several fellowships, scholarships, and grants available on their website.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme was established in 2009 by the Research Grants Council and it provides opportunities for students to pursue their PhD at City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Lingnan University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the University of Hong Kong.

The Global Education Monitoring Report Fellowship Programme is a UNESCO program funded by the Open Society Foundation, and supports research dealing with Sustainable Development Goal 4 which is related to sustainable education systems.

ISDA Foundation (Infectious Disease) awards fellowships and grants for those interested in infectious disease. 

Women’s Studio Workshop awards several residency grants for artists. It is funded by the US National Endowment of the Arts in addition to other art foundations. 

University of Nevada, Reno site contains a database for several art and social science fellowships and grants provided by different agencies and organizations. 

University of Minnesota provides a merit based scholarship as well as several fellowships for graduate students working on policy and development. There are three fellowships: Dove Fellowship Program, ICGC Fellowship, and Provost’s Professional Education Diversity Fellowship. 

The Getty Foundation works towards greater understanding and preservation of the visual arts in Los Angeles and the world. The foundation awards grants as well as fellowships to motivated applicants who can contribute to the objective of the foundation. 

National Endowment for the Arts supports projects throughout the US that seek to promote arts in communities. It promotes many activities including international exchange and grants for certain projects. 

The Helen Hay Postdoctoral Fellowships are available to support those in early postdoctoral research training in all biomedical sciences. It accepts both US citizens and international researchers and is very specific in that graduates should not have more than 2 years of postdoctoral research. 

The International Council of Ophthalmology Fellowships are available for those looking to undergo training in specific areas of ophthalmology.

Mattapally Technologies is an Indian outfit that seeks to improve the human condition. Their website provides direction as to available fellowship, postdoc, and grant opportunities. 

Asia Europe Foundation focuses on improving cultural exchange between Asia and Europe. It sponsors many activities to promote its goal such as residencies and grants. 

UKRI is a UK based institute that awards research grants as well as training and fellowship opportunities for innovative research in economics and social sciences. 

Freedom with Writing is a database filled with opportunities for writers ranging from grants of varying amounts to fellowships and residencies at established educational institutes and universities. 

Armacad is a search database for grants, scholarships, and fellowships. 

PathwaystoScience.org provides a list of available postdoc positions, fellowships, funding, and summer internships in engineering.