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 RADL - PHINMA Education Network

Southwestern University

Established in 1946, Southwestern University is located in Cebu City in the Visayas region of the Southern Philippine Islands.   Its parent PHINMA is an organization dedicated to improving access to education.    

The international student community at SWU hails from 34 countries and this is an indication of the global identity of its medical program.  Because it is located in Cebu, the standard of living compared to costs is very reasonable as is the tuition.   


The birthplace of Leonardo de Vinci and Michelangelo, Italy is infamous for its engineering, art, and design.  Many international students are attracted to Italy because of its rich culture and history.   In addition to living in the EU, the student has the ability to plan his/her studies through to the postgraduate level and gain experience through well-structured training programs.  

Rated as one of the best engineering schools in Italy and globally, the Politecnico de Milano rewards its students with a world-class education in engineering, architecture, and design.  Its international collaborations with global institutes including MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) provide its students with a rich training experience and global recognition.  Admissions requirements and programs


Well known for its education, Russia is an amazing country, and its vastness provides an amazing array of culture and diversity that makes it a common destination for international students.  Its cities are well developed with exhibitions, museums, theatre, and infrastructure to which all students are given discounts.  

Russia is currently home to over three hundred thousand international students from all corners of the globe who attend one of the 741 universities that accept foreign students.  They are attracted to the variety of quality programs ranging from medical to allied health, engineering, computers, technology, management, economics, international relations, arts, theatre, humanities amongst others.  

Russian universities are very old, and some date back to the 15th century.  A common choice for international students is Moscow State University which was established in 1755.   It is interesting to note the number of Nobel Laureates associated with this great institution, check their website for a listing.   

Many Russian universities are found in the top 500 list of both the Times Higher Education and QS worldwide rankings.  In addition to quality research and academics, these universities provide plenty of scholarships for international students to assist them with their stay in Russia.   Some of the most common destinations for international students are MGIMO UniversityNorth Caucasus Federal UniversityNovosibirsk State UniversityPeople’s Friendship University of Russia, and Sechenov University.  Of course, this list is not exhaustive and there are other universities spread across Russia where one could study and Syllabi ® has access to many other universities. 

Visit this link for English Programs in Russia 


Programs available in English: 

  • Civil Engineering (Bachelor, Master’s, PhD)

  • Computer Science and Information Technology (Bachelor, Master’s, PhD) 

  • Electronics and Telecommunications (Bachelor, Master’s, PhD)

  • Engineering Economics and Management (Bachelor, Master’s, PhD)

  • Material Science and Applied Chemistry (Bachelor)

  • Electrical and Environmental Science (Bachelor, Master’s, PhD)

  • Mechanical Engineering, Transport, and Aeronautics (Bachelor, Master’s, PhD)

  • E-learning Technologies and Humanities (Bachelor, Master’s, PhD)


Located in Lithuania, KTU is a university well positioned to provide quality education and research opportunities for those seeking a degree in one of its faculties.  The university offers a wonderful variety of programs taught in English such as architecture, business management, computer science (artificial intelligence, informatics), engineering sciences (aviation, industrial, mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, mechatronics, robotics, vehicle, renewable energy), social sciences, and technological sciences (food science & technology).   They also provide a great experiential learning experience from the variety of partnerships and projects that are undertaken.

Living in Kaunas is very affordable and more than a thousand international students make it their adopted home.   Accommodations are very close to the campus and they have modern amenities that are required by today’s students.  

Make sure to reach out to one of their student ambassadors through their website.   If you are interested in studying in Lithuania, reach out to us via our CONTACT FORM.                                      


Estonia is a member of the EU located in the Baltic region.  It is one of the most connected destinations in the world where the search for digital solutions to everyday life has been a project embraced by the government for several years now.  

If you are looking for an engineering program, Tallinn University, i.e. Taltech, has the largest engineering faculty.   With close to one hundred years of history, Taltech is a wonderful destination for an international student looking to study in one of its English programs : 

  • Bachelor’s Programme: Integrated Technology

  • Master’s Programme: Design & Technology Futures; Environmental Engineering & Management; Materials & Processes for Sustainable Energetics; Mechatronics; Technology of wood, plastics, and textiles; Industrial Engineering and Management.

  • PhD Programmes: Building and Civil Engineering and Architecture; Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics; Chemical and Materials Technology; Mechanical Engineering