Documentation & Visa Support

Securing the admission letter is an important first step towards guaranteeing your spot in the program of your choice.  The next step will depend on where the desired university is based and the nationality of the individual.  For some, there are no visa requirements but for the majority a student visa or residence permit is required (in some cases a work permit is also possible).  Our team strives to streamline the process because we know how visas can sometimes take time, and we definitely don’t want anyone to be delayed attending their semester.  By the time, the admissions letter has been secured, all the documentation should be complete, and the applicant can submit it to the relevant embassy.   For some countries, the visa will be processed and sent to the applicant for pick up.  Though Syllabi ® is not responsible for the visa approval process, we do understand that a completed application with supporting documents will help ease the process and that’s where we advise and guide our applicants.