Academic Tutorials

It is not difficult to imagine the opportunity as well as the challenge of studying abroad.  These are more prominent in the first years of study.  It is possible to conceive that there will be scholastic challenges, and while most of these are dealt with in the classroom, for a small minority there may be a need to have personalized tutoring. In most of our endorsed institutions and countries we have partners in place to assist in such situations.  

Another instance when tutoring or attending a special program is useful is when there is an expectation of academic challenge or when there is the need to sit for an important examination, like medical students sitting for the USMLE Steps during their studies.  In such cases the university may already have a program in place or there may be a nearby institute that accommodates such sessions.  Syllabi ® relies on feedback from the university and from our clients regarding these needs and collaborates on the solution.  Thereby we fulfil our promise to provide support all throughout.